Ep. 29 – Fear of Not Finding the Cool One

Sad girl holding big red pillow in heart shapeOften the dating landscape looks bleak and it seems that there are no suitable partners out there at all; or at least there are no good ones who are contacting us. Join Coach Heidi K as she guides you through three main sources of the fear of not finding the cool one and how to get freedom from those fears that hold us back from successfully finding love.

Ep. 27 – Divorce and Debt Demystified

Upset Robed Woman Glaring At Her Many Credit Cards.Don’t sit in the space of not knowing, it is the most anxiety provoking place to be. Join Coach Heidi K and financial attorney Leslie Tayne for clarification and simple steps forward regarding handling debt and divorce. You will leave this conversation feeling empowered with knowledge and with your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ep. 25 – Co-Parenting Your Teens and Adults

Family With Adult Children Having Argument At Breakfast

The secret’s out. You are not done co-parenting at 21, there’s LOTS more ahead. So, let’s figure out how to do this without destroying our kids. Join Coach Heidi K and her guest, divorce attorney Christine Settineri, for a raw and honest discussion with spot-on insights and strategies that you won’t want to miss.