Ep. 25 – Co-Parenting Your Teens and Adults

Family With Adult Children Having Argument At Breakfast

The secret’s out. You are not done co-parenting at 21, there’s LOTS more ahead. So, let’s figure out how to do this without destroying our kids. Join Coach Heidi K and her guest, divorce attorney Christine Settineri, for a raw and honest discussion with spot-on insights and strategies that you won’t want to miss.

Ep. 22 – Listen Your Way Into Their Hearts

Depositphotos_444705368_s-2019Want to learn everything you need to know about your potential partner? Coach Heidi K guides you through key listening strategies that will set the stage for successful dating. Start practicing and implementing these skills immediately and watch the positive outcomes unfold…

Ep. 21 – Finances and Divorce Quickly Clarifie‪d‬

Depositphotos_338522098_s-2019How stressed out are you feeling regarding the impact of divorce on your finances? How confused are you around what steps to take and how to complete all the required paperwork? Coach Heidi K’s guest, Aviva Pinto of Wealthspire Advisors breaks it down into baby steps so you can move forward in a financially healthy and successful way.

Ep. 20 – Not Need‪y‬

Depositphotos_53668623_s-2019Neediness can be detected a mile away. Coach Heidi K guides you to navigate that fine line between neediness and giving the green light signals that are so important in moving forward toward your dating goals…