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Divorce Coaching – What Is It?


Divorce Coaching is a relatively short term, transitional service which provides a combination of emotional and practical support during a challenging period in your life and serves to empower you to create the new life that you desire.

 Based upon Heidi’s extensive professional and personal experience with divorce, she coaches men and women through all phases of divorce and post-divorce, in order to help bring about a more positive process resulting in strength, confidence, and success.

Coaching focuses on successfully navigating through all the changes that permeate life during divorce, including social, parenting, career, and financial upheaval. Through the coaching process, your long term goals are identified and prioritized, and then broken down into small achievable steps. Each coaching session culminates in an action plan with your short term goals for the coming week, and your coach holds you accountable to your plan, in an encouraging and empathetic manner.
Feeling Stuck? You Can Move On:

divorcecoaching-02Divorce, separation, and breakups often come with enormous pain, confusion, fear, ambivalence, anger, and disappointment. But let’s begin to emerge from the darkness and become aware that this challenge can be accompanied by amazing opportunity that would not have otherwise presented itself. If we seize the opportunity and approach change in an organized way with self-awareness and a positive attitude, the possibilities are limitless.

Is Divorce Coaching For You?

Are you painfully navigating through separation, divorce or post-divorce?

Are you overwhelmed by the tasks and transitions ahead of you?

Do you feel stuck or blocked from reaching your goals?

Are you negotiating new family and social roles?

Are you searching for your new single identity?

Are you ready to move from “breakup to breakthrough?”
What You Can Expect From The Coaching Process:

*A customized plan to get through your divorce process, emotionally and practically

*Improved strategies to prioritize and accomplish realistic career, financial, and social goals

*More efficient and accurate completion of paperwork for your divorce process

*Improved self-confidence and belief in your success

*Enhanced communication skills

*Improved co-parenting strategies, boundaries, and cooperation with estranged spouse

*Transitional support after divorce is final

Individual Coaching Options:

same and change signpost illustration design

Face to face in Nassau County, Long Island or Midtown Manhattan, New York

Via Skype Video or Facetime anywhere on earth

Via Telephone
Group Coaching Options:


Interactive workshop, seminars, and presentations – Live throughout Long Island and Manhattan.

Webinars via internet

Teleclasses via telephone conference calling

Support Groups and Moving on Groups – Live throughout Long Island and Manhattan, New York.

Support Groups and Moving on Groups – via telephone conference calling



Learn Heidi’s Empowering Tips During Divorce

5 empowering Reflections Snag


Learn Heidi’s 5 Empowering Reflections During Divorce Click here to download the PDF.

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“Communicate to be Heard”



Look for Heidi’s Chapter (#7): “Breakup to Breakthrough”

for powerful “moving-on” inspiration.


Purchase the book at Amazon.

Learn more about the book and its contributors here.


Guest Blog Post

Click here for Coach Heidi K’s guest blog post: “Communicate to Listen and be Heard”


Videos About Divorce Coaching:



IMG_6271 (2)Can’t thank you enough for helping me through my breakup through breakthrough. After a 37 year marriage that should have ended long ago I found myself alone and wanted whatever years I had left on this earth to be happy ones. You made me realize through your talks and activities that I had to have a plan if I was going to be successful in finding a perfect partner for myself. I did the “homework “ and I made my lists (must haves and deal breakers) and I stayed the course for 2 full years. Before that  I tried speed dating online dating singles support groups  matchmaking and had no success until I followed your advice. Just when I was ready to give up in the middle of this pandemic I found my soulmate who checked off every box and then some. We are now engaged to be married in August and I could not be any happier. I just hope more people would trust in your advice so that they too could experience this kind of happiness Again thank you and realize that’s it’s never too late to live happily ever after 

-Pat Castillo, Long Island, New York 


image1 (2) (1)

Melissa, Susan and I met at one of your “Breakup to Breakthrough” meetings a few months ago. We exchanged numbers and have been getting together for movies, dinner, dancing and other support groups ever since. In the picture, we are at Aura’s New Year ‘s Eve party where we started 2019 together!!! We have been fortunate to benefit from your complimentary, practical advice and helpful tips on a variety of topics through your workshops and Meetup discussions, for which we are extremely grateful. Thank you for your support!” 
 – Christina

John Jr.“I had the pleasure of participating in Heidi’s workshop. She offered terrific insight into today’s fast paced, result driven environment. Together, we prioritized my aspirations and divided them into achievable tasks. I was very impressed with her approach and I can recommend Heidi’s services without qualification.”

-John DiMascio Jr. – Partner at DiMascio & Associates LLP Chair, Nassau County Bar Association Matrimonial Law Committee



“You WANT Heidi in your corner. Smart, insightful, generous with her time and expertise, warm and interested in what you have to say, are the qualities that Heidi has in spades. She helps people work their way through divorce, one of the most difficult times in their life and emerge on the other side in a stronger and more positive place. There are many coaches out there, but not many have Heidi’s background, vision and sheer determination to help her clients.”

-Adrian Miller- Business Growth Adviser New York, New York


Jeanne“I was lucky enough to meet Heidi Krantz through two referrals – One from a dear friend, Keith, who referred me to her and then through Adrian, the networking Queen. Heidi is a life and relationship coach. I joined her divorce coaching group in February of 2011 and she made me kindly, but painfully, aware of my need for fun. My mom always said I am a train without brakes, so I started to think and focus on fun…Lo and behold, a fun smart great guy shows up, I get great new clients and my world becomes brighter, lighter and more robust. Find Heidi and see what she can do for your life…Go out there and be remarkable…”

– Jeanne Brutman- LUTCF, CFBS, CFS, CLTC, New York, NY


Wooton“Heidi had been a valuable asset to my clients. She has helped a lot during their difficult times. Top qualities: Personable, high integrity, creative.” July 30, 2012

-Antoinette Wooton, Esq.- Wooten Legal Consulting Group The Woolworth Building New York, New York



Reuben“Before working with Heidi I had no experience with life coaching, and now I cannot imagine a better practitioner than Heidi. Over the course of several months Heidi worked with me at identifying and helping me to achieve specific goals involved with starting to date again while going through a divorce. She is rigorous but compassionate; a perceptive and focused listener. On a practical level she gave me plenty of concrete guidance which worked, and she also helped me change some of my ways of thinking. It is no exaggeration to say that she was instrumental in turning my life around.”


Heidi, you have changed my life tremendously since our coaching sessions, your words were so valuable to me. Not only do I have my must haves for a long-term relationship, but since you introduced me to the movie “The Secret,” I have gotten so into the LOA (Laws of Attraction) that I’ve joined an LOA meetup and practice regularly. I feel more in control of my life now, and what I’ve imagined I have indeed gotten – a wonderful job in a new field and a beautiful apartment!”

Susan Canty – Outpatient Coder – Long Island, New York

I was fortunate to meet Heidi when I attended her workshop on online dating. I had recently been divorced after a long marriage and was looking for both guidance and support as I moved on to the next phase of my life. The workshop was so valuable and there was such a powerful vibe among the attendees that we formed an ongoing women’s group to be coached by Heidi. Her insight, experience, encouraging manner, and methods of empowering us through our dating journey were exceptional. She helped us challenge beliefs that didn’t serve us well, encouraged us to break out of our comfort zones and to evaluate situations clearly and honestly. Her dating success strategies were varied, no nonsense and easily implemented. I have now moved-on with my life and into a new relationship. I’ll always be thankful for the support and encouragement I received from Heidi and the group.

Madelyne Kirch – President, Marketing Communications Company, New York, NY

Mike Anzelon“I worked with Heidi for approximately one month. In that time, she restored my confidence, my sense of self-worth and my dignity. She made me understand, through her skillful and accepting approach, that I have much to offer the world still. I had just come through a very sad break-up in a LTR that lasted almost five years. Heidi allowed me to be me again! It feels great! I know I am smart, funny and full of life now. It has always been there you see! But Heidi helped me to find it in me again! I have loved and lost and now I need to move on. The best thing I can tell you all is that Heidi is worth your time and effort. If you work with her one-on-one, you too can see the wonderful person that you are!” Thanks.

-Michael Anzelone- College Professor


“I met Heidi over a year ago when I was going through a horrible divorce (is there any other?) and was caring for my elderly mother. I was lost, I hadn’t worked in the ‘outside’ world for years and wasn’t sure what I should do, or how I should do it. Heidi was a great coach and helpful support through this. I’ve come a long way since then and she helped me through the worst of it. I want to thank her for being there.”

-Sandee McPhee-


Judy Welage“Last spring Heidi did a workshop called “From Breakup to Breakthrough” for my single mom’s support group. Heidi proved to be an informative, dynamic coach, providing the group with excellent strategies on how to overcome obstacles and meet life goals. For anyone feeling stuck or not living life to their fullest potential, I highly recommend hiring Heidi as a Life Coach. She’s the best!”

-Judy Welage-


“Heidi gave us tools to communicate with people, helped us to conquer our fear of meeting people, and built up our confidence by having us compile a list of our special traits. I enjoyed every minute in the class. Heidi’s experience, knowledge and intelligence encouraged us to keep on moving forward.”

-Linghong Li-


“Believe it or not, with that short time that we spent time together, I felt that you had such impact on me and every week I was looking forward to seeing you and I was the one who initiated extending the course with extra classes.”

-Great Neck Adult-Education Student-

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