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work and life balance

*For all life transitions including career change, empty nest, relocation, and retirement

*Communication coaching for all aspects of life including personal, workplace, and business networking relationships

*For parents of children/adults with special needs – coaching the parent toward improved life balance and accomplishment of personal goals

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Life Coaching is about identifying and prioritizing goals that reflect your inner purpose and values and breaking down those goals into an action plan of small achievable steps. The powerful alliance between you and your coach empowers you to move forward toward success with greater strength, confidence, and positivity.

Through the coaching process, you gain insight into where you are getting “stuck” and what is blocking you from completing your goals. The coach becomes your  personal cheerleader, celebrating your strengths and accomplishments and guiding you out of overwhelm and fear and into the life that you choose to create for yourself. During coaching sessions,your energy shifts into what you have the power to change instead of what you cannot control. Each session generates an action plan for the coming week and you are comfortably held accountable to the goals that you commit to.

Individual Coaching Options:

Face to face in Nassau County, Long Island or Midtown Manhattan, New York

Via Skype Video or Facetime anywhere on earth

Via Telephone

Group Coaching Options:

Interactive workshop, seminars, presentations and motivational speeches

Live throughout Long Island and Manhattan, New York.

Webinars via internet

Teleclasses via telephone conference calling


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Adrian“You WANT Heidi in your corner. Smart, insightful, generous with her time and expertise, warm and interested in what you have to say, are the qualities that Heidi has in spades. She helps people work their way through divorce, one of the most difficult times in their life and emerge on the other side in a stronger and more positive place. There are many coaches out there, but not many have Heidi’s background, vision and sheer determination to help her clients.”

-Adrian Miller- Business Growth Adviser New York, New York

Heidi, you have changed my life tremendously since our coaching sessions, your words were so valuable to me. Not only do I have my must haves for a long-term relationship, but since you introduced me to the movie “The Secret,” I have gotten so into the LOA (Laws of Attraction) that I’ve joined an LOA meetup and practice regularly. I feel more in control of my life now, and what I’ve imagined I have indeed gotten – a wonderful job in a new field and a beautiful apartment!”

Susan Canty – Outpatient Coder – Long Island, New York

“Your ‘Communicate to be Heard’ class was one of the most useful classes I have taken at the adult center. I still have the sheet and will incorporate your great advise in all aspects of my life. The words you so wisely used have stuck with me. I remind myself not to do anything to lose my audience and to be brief. I have also learned how important it is to create mutual participation. The hour and a half flew by like 10 minutes. I will remind my neighbors and friends about your classes.”

-Larissa Finik- Great Neck Community Education student


Cindy“Heidi is a gifted coach with a rare and powerful listening ability that lets me know she has stepped into my world and is right there with me. No matter the direction I may want to take our coaching session, she brings me right back to the issue at hand so we can keep moving forward in the direction of my goals and objectives. In addition, she keeps me accountable around the actions to which I’ve committed myself, and she does that with generous amounts of support and zero judgment. The results? Things consistently move forward in my business – and in my life – and, I have the results to prove it!”

-Cindy Gardner- Sales & Marketing Executive Atlanta, GA


Rory“Heidi has been an extremely valuable asset to me in both my personal and professional development. She has kept me focused and on track concentrating on my website development for my business and having me work outside my comfort zone personally reaching out to those I would’ve never considered approaching in the past. I have also achieved a greater sense of balance in my life with both my career and personal aspirations. I am held accountable week to week for the work I plan. If those goals are not met she’s ready for very insightful questions that bring to a realization as to what might be getting in the way. She is truly expanding my boundaries. Thanks Heidi!”

-Rory Pottruck- Photographer New York, New York


Ivy“Working with Heidi has had such a strong impact on my personal life as well as my career. Heidi’s probing questions have given me the ability to focus and prioritize what is important to me and how I plan to move forward and accomplish my said goals. Heidi has kept me on task and accountable; I have managed to launch a new program for my business that would still be in development without her coaching and guidance.”

-Ivy Slater- Vice President, Linden Graphics New York, New York


Melody“I totally recommend coaching with Heidi. She is positive, encouraging, and consistent. With her support, I’ve achieved things I never thought possible for myself. Our sessions together were both motivational and transformational. Thanks Heidi!”

-Melody Purmoradi-


DamiraFounder of The Single Mom’s Support Group New York, New York “I had the great pleasure of being coached by Heidi. Her coaching skills are very clear and action oriented. She helped me to get the most out of myself. My thoughts became mapped out into easy to follow action plans. I’m looking forward to each and every challenge and know that success will be mine! Heidi, thank you for helping me ‘blue-print’ my thoughts and for challenging me to reach my full potential.

-Damira M. Erdenberger- Villa’s Owner “Three Palms” “Pine Trees” and “Boguvilla” Croatia, Island: Brac

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