Ep. 19 – Engaged and Ecstati‪c‬

IMG_6271 (2)Even during a pandemic, the right dating success strategies can lead to lasting love! Join Coach Heidi K and her workshop participant, Pat, who has moved beautifully from Breakup to Breakthrough. Pat is newly engaged to be married! Listen as she shares exactly what led to her incredible dating success after a 37 year marriage, why she’s ecstatic, and how you can do it too…

Ep. 18 – Don’t Blame A Clown

Woman kissing clown mask isolated on gray wall background
Woman kissing clown mask isolated on gray wall background

Learn why the choices you are making are leading you to the clown rather than the love of your life. Build awareness and set the intention to transform these patterns today with Coach Heidi K!

Ep. 16 – Keep Your Goals Alive

Portrait happy young woman thinking dreaming has many ideas looking up isolated grey wall background. Positive human face expression emotion feeling life perception. Decision making process concept.

Don’t let your goals fizzle like typical New Year’s Eve resolutions. Leave this episode with 5 easy steps to ensure that you actually follow through this time. Get ready to celebrate your accomplishments with Coach Heidi K and the Breakup to Breakthrough community!